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Options for Out-of-Town Patients

Every day, we are contacted by women from various parts of the country wondering how they might become patients at the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center, PLLC.

Many women simply call (502) 899-3009 and schedule their evaluations in the same manner as women do who reside within our Region. This is a perfectly fine option for any prospective Center patient. An evaluation here typically takes 2 days to complete and we have a discounted rate at a nearby hotel. The evaluation process includes a lengthy first meeting and exam with our Nurse Practitioner, followed by any necessary testing, and concluding with an appointment and exam with Dr. Robert L. McQuady, who is the Center's Medical Director and a Board-Certified Gynecologist. The meeting with Dr. McQuady is an opportunity to "pull things together" and determine next steps. Patients generally emerge from these 2 days with an enhanced understanding of what's causing their symptoms and recommendations regarding next steps/treatment. Sometimes Dr. McQuady is able to communicate with a caregiver in the patient's home area to facilitate recommended follow-up. Occasionally, there is an opportunity for some therapies here while the patient is still completing their initial evaluation at the Center. Often women will decide to return to the Center at a subsequent date to undergo more comprehensive treatment.

Sometimes women who are traveling a great distance to visit the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center will choose a different option: our Out-of-Town Patient Program. Some of these women do so because they wish to get as much done as possible to impact their symptoms when they are here; they want to be certain time is set aside to meet both their evaluation and treatment needs to the maximum degree possible during this trip. Some choose the Out-of-Town Program because, before they get on a plane, they want a better sense of what specifically we anticipate they will require here as well as the associated out-of-pocket costs to them (in light of the details of their insurance coverage). Please note: the cost of participation in our Out-of-Town Patient Program is $500 and this is not reimbursable by insurance. Details follow regarding next steps if you choose this option and what those who choose this option can expect.

If you would like to participate in our "Out-of-Town Patient Program", we will start by learning more about you before you arrive at our Center. You will begin this process by clicking here, so you can download, print, and complete the attached Pelvic Pain Assessment Form. (Please ignore its references to "Provider Comments" and a Chart Number, and note that you do not need to be referred to us by another Provider.) In addition, in lieu of a cover letter and in order to enhance the rather brief "Information About Your Pain" section of the Form, please send us "your story", a brief write-up (no more than 2 type-written pages) consisting of the following: a description of your primary current symptoms; a summary of any pertinent test results; a list of current treatments and treatment history (including impact on your symptoms); an explanation of what (if anything) you believe caused your pain to begin; and a statement of your primary treatment goal or goals (i.e. what you're looking for from us). If you believe it's important that you attach certain key portions of your medical record, that's acceptable; operative notes and pathology reports may be especially helpful…but please do not send us any films (e.g. x-rays, CT, MRI, etc.).

When you have completed the Pelvic Pain Assessment Form and "your story", please mail them to our Center -- along with the $500 fee -- at the address provided below. The Staff here, including the Center's Medical Director, will review your information. You may receive a phone call from a Women's Health Specialist, who will delve further in order to enhance our understanding of your specific situation. At the end of this process, the Pelvic Pain Center Staff will do one of three things:

  1. Design a customized individual intensive evaluation and treatment program for you to undergo here in Louisville, KY based on our initial long-distance assessment of your immediate needs. Most of our out-of-town patients visit with us for more than 2 days. Please understand that it is difficult to identify conclusively a patient's status and needs from afar, but we have found that the process outlined above does enable us to do the very best we can at: determining whether a trip to our Center is likely to be beneficial to you; anticipating which tests and treatments may be appropriate for you, so we can set aside the time and resources necessary to have as great an impact on your symptoms as possible when you are here; and calculating for you in-advance what out-of-pocket costs may be involved since these vary significantly from patient-to-patient depending upon what interventions are called for, insurance coverage, etc. Before you step on a plane, you will learn the specific parameters we anticipate of your visit here (how many days you should plan on being here, what tests we recommend, what sort of treatments we foresee, your costs, etc.); or
  2. After reviewing your information, provide you with affirmation that we believe you're already "on the right track" with your current care regimen and do not recommend additional evaluation and treatment at our Center at this time. In this case, women can anticipate a "consult call" from Center Director Dr. Robert L. McQuady to explain and answer questions; or
  3. Suggest that you see another health care professional who we believe may have a more positive impact on your condition and/or is located closer to your hometown. These women also can anticipate a call from Center Director Dr. Robert L. McQuady to explain and answer questions.

If you would like to participate in the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center's Out-of-Town patient program, please send your completed Pelvic Pain Assessment Form and "your story" to:

  • Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center, PLLC
  • Jewish Hospital Medical Center East
  • 3920 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 303
  • Louisville, Kentucky 40207

The $500 cost of the assessment process (payable by check, Mastercard, or Visa) must accompany your information in order for our review to begin. Assessments generally are completed here within 2-3 weeks of the arrival of your envelope at our Center. The medical staff does retain the right to turn down materials for review and, in such a case, will return your payment to you in full. Please keep in mind that sending your information to us and taking part in our long-distance assessment process does not mean that we have entered into a relationship with you as a patient nor assumed responsibility for any aspect of your care. If you do choose to travel here, we look forward to your becoming a patient of the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center when you see us in Louisville, Kentucky.

If you would like more information on our Out-of-Town Patient Program, please call the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center at (502) 899-3009. If, for any reason, you do not choose this option and would like, instead, to simply go ahead and schedule your evaluation, just call (502) 899-3009 to get on our calendar. We look forward to helping you feel better!

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